Dan Strikes Back

reviewed by Les Ellingham


Issue 11

Sep/Oct 84

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So you weren't lucky enough to win the real diamond in Diamonds? Never mind you can at least now carry on with the adventures of Dan but this time purely for pleasure. Many of the characters from Diamonds are here including the infamous Brian the Blob and the idea is similar in that you need to descend various levels to reach the Great Diamond which Brian has now stolen from Dan and stored in an underground vault Dan does not dig in this game but rather drops and climbs various fixed platforms clearing mushrooms as he goes. I found Dan Strikes Back to be much more interesting than Diamonds as there is more thought required to work out the correct directions to clear each level. Various sections have gates which open and close making it necessary to work out moves in advance to ensure that you do not get trapped. One of the problems is that Brian is also in the vault and follows you everywhere.

Before you can gain the next level you must cover and clear each part of the current level and you have the chance to score bonus points by collecting magic toadstools which occasionally spring up. On level 3 a giant spider prowls the vault leaving webs which you must break through and which delay your progress. The puzzles of how to reach each part of the vault get more complex at each of the six levels until finally you can see the Great Diamond. All you have to do then is get back out again with Brian and all his nasty friends in hot pursuit If you enjoyed Diamonds you should also enjoy Dan Strikes Back. I certainly found it more satisfying.