Line Lister 3

by S. Cant



Issue 12

Nov/Dec 84

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In the very first issue of PAGE 6 was one of the most popular little routines we have published (uncredited but actually written by Les Ellingham) and the routine was improved by Len Lawson in issue 5. Now comes the third and best version from S. Cant of Ranton, Staffs.

Once you have typed in the listing, save it by using LIST "C:" or LIST "D:LISTER" and then tag it onto the end of a program you have typed by using ENTER "C: " or ENTER "D LISTER". Type GOTO 32700 and the first line of your program will come up for checking. Each subsequent line can be called up by hitting any key.

AtariLister - requires Java

If you have not used a Line Lister before do try it, you will find it invaluable for checking your typing.