Orc Attack

reviewed by Craig Fuller



Issue 12

Nov/Dec 84

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Creative Sparks.... 16k ROM .... 9.95

The idea for this game presumably came from J.R.R.Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings". You control a soldier who must defend the castle wall from the attacking Orcs and their allies. The Orcs' strategy is to climb the wall using scaling ladders which they carry in sections, requiring three sections to reach the top of the wall. At higher levels, the dangerous Ninja Orcs appear who can climb the wall without ladders. There are also bonus screens when the Orcs have a rest while their allies have a try. These include a wizard who can raise the dead, demon trolls who hurl knives and spider-like creatures called Stone Warts.

To defend the castle, the soldier must use the rocks and swords which are lying about. He can drop the rocks which split the ladders in two and send the Orcs hurtling to the ground. He can also use the sword to hack at the Orcs when they reach the battlements. All the time he is hampered by other Orcs who fire crossbows from below. If things get tough he can use his secret weapon - a pot of burning oil. This sets the ground on fire and burns the ladders spelling certain death for the Orcs. At the end of each attack, a pyramid of the dead Orcs is formed at the bottom of the wall.

The graphics for the Orcs and their foes are very cute and the game is well worth 9.95 for a ROM cartridge.