Picture Torment

reviewed by Les Ellingham



Issue 12

Nov/Dec 84

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P.F. Software.... 16k cassette.... 3.50 ....

Picture Torment is the latest from P.F.Software and maintains the high standards set by the earlier releases reviewed in issue 11. The program is a sort of Rubik's Picture Puzzle with the choice of dividing the picture into 9, 16, 36 or an incredibly complex 81 pieces, each with five levels of difficulty that scramble the picture with increasing complexity. Additionally, with the 36 or 81 piece puzzles you can choose to rearrange them in single or double column format After selecting your level press START and the picture will scramble. Two diamond shapes appear on the top and left hand sides of the screen representing each column or row. Use the joystick to position these alongside the column or row you wish to move and then hold down the joystick button and move the joystick in the appropriate direction.

The program is similar to Picture Puzzle (reviewed in the last issue) but will run in 16k. The real bonus comes when you flip the tape over and get a fully fledged drawing program that allows you to create your own pictures for use in Picture Torment. The utility has options for Plot, Drawto. Colour, Fill, Circle, Square, Load, Save and Wipe and will allow you to create some pretty good pictures to juggle with. One suggestion made by the author is to use the program to teach young children number sequences by drawing the numbers 1 to 9, perhaps with accompanying illustrations representing the numbers, and then use the 9 piece option and level one or two to get them to put the numbers back in the right order. Even if you can't draw, this is easy to do and I drew out the numbers in about 5 minutes. It really does work well. There is no reason why you can't extend this idea by using the 36 piece option and the letters of the alphabet or perhaps rows of shapes such as squares, circles, and triangles.

Another bargain program, complex enough for adults yet simple enough for youngsters. An incredible bargain at 3.50.