The Helper

Reviewed by Les Ellingham



Issue 13

Jan/Feb 85

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.... Supersoft .... 16k cassette ....

The HELPER is an aid to Adventure players available from SuperSoft on cassette at 10. It enables you to load a cassette based machine code adventure into memory and then examine the listing for clues. It has a colourful introduction and a pleasant screen design but basically does no more than the listing on page 28 of issue 10 of PAGE 6.

I am sorry to be so negative about TWO products from the same company but I really feel that SuperSoft ought to think again. This would make an excellent magazine listing but as a commercial program it is just not worth 10. With the programs published by ANALOG and ANTIC becoming more and more sophisticated and the price of Atari ROM cartridges at 9.95, any programmer writing in BASIC needs to think long and hard about the commercial value of his program.