Forbidden Forest

Reviewed by Gerald Swan



Issue 14

Mar/Apr 85

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Oh dear! Is this from the same company that bought us Jet Boot Jack? The game is boring and the graphics are dreadful. The sound isn't up to much either!

You play the part of an archer who has to shoot a number of enemies. Starting in daylight, you are attacked by a number of spiders looking like badly knitted balls of wool, then by a bee, some skeletons, a phantom a dragon and finally the Demogorgon. As time progresses, night falls and gets darker.

After destroying each enemy you have to sit and wait for what seems like ages whilst the archer does a silly dance. I could live with some of the games shortcomings if it was a challenging game, however on the first attempt I cleared the first two levels and then gave up, and I am a long way from being an expert.

I should think that this is a conversion from another machine but what is the point if you ignore the Atari s superior features? Definitely not one of English Software's better efforts and I'm afraid I cannot recommend it.