Bruce Lee

Reviewed by Gerald Swan



Issue 14

Mar/Apr 85

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This has also been chosen by another magazine as Game of the Month and again is a game that requires some thought as well as a quick hand on the joystick to overcome the various obstacles put in your path.

Your role is that of the late film star and Kung Fu expert, Bruce Lee. Your task is to enter the Wizards fortress, find him and destroy him. On entering each room you must collect a number of lanterns to reveal the secret entrances to the further reaches of the Wizard's domain. The lanterns are reached by jumping and climbing along the fortress walls and floors. Easy? No. As you leap happily about a black robed Ninja and a nasty green gentleman called a Yamo proceed to try and knock the daylights out of you! But you are Bruce Lee, right? So using your amazing Kung Fu skills, you duck kick and chop your way through your enemies. As you travel through the 20 rooms of the fortress, you also have to deal with electrical charges and exploding bushes. As each room is entered, thought and planning are needed. Fortunately, on some of the more difficult rooms the Ninja and Yamo leave you alone to get on with your lantern collecting.

At the start of the game you have a choice of 1 or 2 players and you may select the computer to control the Yamo or you and a friend can take it in turns to be Yamo and Bruce Lee. Once again an excellent game. Great graphics and a lot of fun.