Rails West

Reviewed by Les Ellingham



Issue 14

Mar/Apr 85

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SSI ... 48K DISK ... 1/8 PLAYERS

It is very difficult to review certain programs without having spent a great deal of time exploring and playing them. Simulations are a case in point and Rails West is an excellent and complex simulation of the construction of the railroads across America in the 19th century.

Up to 8 players can compete against each other or the computer to try and build a railroad and amass a personal fortune along the way. The simulation is complex requiring a knowledge of economics, stock, floating bonds and management of debts. Add to this the threat of other interested parties trying to take over your railroad, booms, depressions and market fluctuations and you can well understand why a quick glance is not sufficient for a full appreciation of this program. As well as being a game of developing skill it is educational in the understanding of economics and the history of development of unexplored territory in the American mid-west.

Rails West may take some time to learn and fully understand but if simulations are your forte, then you will expect a long lasting game that you can return to time and time again with ever increasing knowledge and understanding. Not an excursion for beginners but well worth the effort for those who already understand and enjoy the computer simulation. Rails West should be an ideal thought provoking exercise for a family or group of friends but is also a game which can be played alone against the computer.



Both Paul Blazeby and Gerald Swan have been awarded an ATARI game on ROM for their reviews. Can you write three reviews of your favourite, or not so favourite programs?