Access III

by Matthew Jones



Issue 14

Mar/Apr 85

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If you have been a DOS 2 user in the past and made the mistake of transferring all your files to DOS 3 when you bought a 1050 you are probably now regretting it. Whilst DOS 3 allows you to convert from DOS 2, it does not allow conversion back (Perhaps Atari really did know what DOS 3 was like!).

If your first drive was the 1050, then you probably don't know about DOS 2 anyway. DOS 3 is fine for beginners but once you have passed the learning stage, you will want a DOS that is a utility and nothing more. You will need a fast and functional DOS. DOS 2 may not be the best but it is certainly better for the experienced user than DOS 3. You will have to trade off the enhanced density of the 1050 drive as DOS 2 will not support it but you will benefit from more time and less frustration when doing those disk housekeeping chores. In addition you will get greater compatibility with other users for DOS 2 is still the accepted standard for all systems.


Until now you couldn't but ACCESS III will allow you to convert all your DOS 3 files to DOS 2. It is quite simple to use. Type in the listing and, having checked it with TYPO II. SAVE a copy before running it. RUN the program and you will be prompted to insert a DOS 2 formatted disk in the drive whereupon a file called ACCESS.III will be written to the disk. This file can be loaded with Option L (Binary Load) of the DOS 2 menu and will run automatically.

The program fully prompts you to insert disks and type filenames in the correct order. Note that the program does not copy an entire disk, each file must be copied individually. It will also work with other DOS systems if, for example, you use true double density and wish to use one of your programs on a single-density drive.

Atari's next revision of DOS will be an upgraded version of DOS 2 so it looks as if DOS 3 is destined for oblivion. With ACCESS.III in your utility collection however, all is not lost!

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