Kissin' Kousins

Reviewed by Jim Short


Issue 18

Nov/Dec 85

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English Software
48k cassette 6.95
48k disk 9.95
1 player

I must admit to having a soft spot for English Software. AIRSTRIKE was the first cassette game I ever purchased and it is still one of my 'all time' favourites. I was a mite disappointed when they seemingly stopped supporting Atari a short time ago (though I daresay they had their reasons), but now they are back again with some new titles. The first of these is KISSIN' KOUSINS and it has the distinction of being the first all-UK release to feature digitised speech. When the program a loads you are greeted by a clear and precise voice announcing 'English Software presents Kissin' Kousins'. An impressive start Unfortunately, the game fails to live up to the opening sequence.

You control a cute little character who is desperately trying to save his Kissin' Kousin although it doesn't say who from. You must guide him through various street scenes, jumping over the many objects lining his path and avoiding the bombs being dropped from above. Stationary objects are easily dealt with but in subsequent scenes you will encounter moving caterpillars, kangaroos, bats, rubber frogs, gogglers and pogopoppers all of which combine to make the going really tough (I never once made it past those pesky kangaroos!).

Graphics are nice and colourful if - dare I say it - somewhat Spectrumish in appearance but a lot more thought could have gone into the actual game. As things stand, it takes second place to the gimmicky intro.

English Software may well be forever judged on the standards set by JET BOOT JACK, however they do have other good titles such as LEGEND OF THE KNUCKERHOLE, SOLDIER'S FORTUNE and HENRYS HOUSE just waiting to be converted to the Atari. How about it English Software?