Reviewed by Jim Short


Issue 18

Nov/Dec 85

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English Software
48k cassette 6.95
1 player


HIJACK is yet another new title from English Software. It is a helicopter rescue game along the same lines as CHOPLIFTER only, in this game, you must rescue VIP passengers from the roof of a high speed train and deposit them to safety in the rear security carriage.

A nifty little jingle accompanies the opening title screen, clever compositions like this being a traditional feature of many English Software games. A quick press of the START key and it' s on with the action. The train is speeding across the bottom of the screen from right to left and you must swoop down in your chopper and pick up the VIP s who are running about on the roof of the train, waving frantically at you. Press the fire button to lower the rope and, once the figure has taken a firm hold, transport him back to the safety of the rear carriage. Simple, eh? Well, not quite. I forgot to tell you about the cannons firing at you from the hills and the huge trees that line the sides of the track and which you almost always fly into, or at least I do! Once all the 10 VIPs have been rescued you move onto the next level of play where gunfire from openings on the roof of the train is a further hazard.

I like this game. It has clear, colourful graphics, good sounds and some excellent special effects. The way your helicopter bursts into a flaming fireball when it collides with a tree or is hit by a missile is incredibly realistic. Worth 6.95 of anybody's money.