by Stan Ockers


Issue 21

May/Jun 86

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Forklift is an excellent combination of a simple word recognition game with a logic puzzle and will allow young children to learn whilst having fun driving their own forklift truck! Because of the logic puzzle involved some parental help will be required (some parents might even find it quite a challenge themselves!).

The routine is based around an article by Tom Hudson in ANALOG magazine for printing text in Graphics 8 which Stan Ockers has modified to print blocks of characters using the call A=USR(ADDR, X, Y, BADR, SIZE, WIDTH) where:

ADDR is the address of the string holding the routine (lines 4000 - 4100).
X is the X position as in Graphics 0.
is the Y position as in graphics 8.
BADR is the address of the string holding the block of characters to be printed.
SIZE  is the number of characters in the block.
WIDTH is the number of characters in each horizontal row of the block.

The object of the game is to take three rhyming words from the pile on the left and stack them in the pile on the right. Use a joystick in port 1.