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Issue 21

May/Jun 86

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Thank you to everyone who took the trouble to vote in the Readers Poll from issue 19. Due to the astonishing number of cards returned it has taken quite a few hours of work to come up with the results but here they are at last, in fact a complete Top Ten of the various articles and contributions from issues 13 to 18.

Interestingly, the pattern is very similar to previous years with every single contribution receiving at least one vote and with David Blease and Mark Hutchinson up in the top three yet again. Anyway, to save further suspense, here are the Top Ten contributions to PAGE 6 issues 13 to 18 as voted for by our readers.

1. FIRST STEPS by Mark Hutchinson
2. TYPO 3 by Alec Benson
3. CASTLE MORGUE by David Blease 

4. Grand Prix II by Chris Darkes 

5. Display Lists Pt.1 by Steve Pedler
6. Atari Book of Books by Kevin Fleming
7. Software Reviews by Jim Short and others.

8. Adventure Column by Garry Francis 

9. The Booster by Phil Davies 

10.130XE Review by Les Ellingham

First Steps was a clear winner all the way with most votes going for the A-Z of BASIC which obviously helped a lot of new owners and TYPO 3 just had to be up there for the untold number of hours it must have salvaged from debugging sessions. There were also quite a few surprises (at least to me!) especially the review of the 130XE reaching the Top Ten. Equally surprising was the fact that just five points outside the Ten was De Re Piracy which surely goes to prove that most owners do care about the future of Atari and it is only the minority that have caused all the problems in the past. Equally surprising was that many of the the articles or programs included as 'minority interest' received a fair number of votes.

Anyway, on with this year. With the knowledge of what you found most interesting last year we can hopefully produce more good balanced issues. The top three authors in the poll have received various goodies of their choice plus worldwide fame and recognition! Why don't you see if you can get into that Top Ten next time?

The winners of the draw associated with the Survey and Poll have all received their prizes. Winner of the 1O5O Disk Drive was D. G. Reed from Oxfordshire and the following people each received a Ballblazer cassette. A. G. Seagrave of Croydon, D. Rowlands of Lincoln, David Cheung from London, Mark Hemstock from Heanor, J. Bowler from Brighton, Andrew Kemp from London, F. Maltby of Mobberley and Harry Clark from Barking in Essex. Congratulations to the winners and many thanks to all those who sent in cards.