Mercenary - The 2nd City

Reviewed by Jim Short


Issue 24

Nov/Dec 86

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64K/48K Disk 9.95 

64K/48K Cassette 5.95 

1 Player
1 Joystick/Keyboard

The initial release of MERCENARY brought with it the promise of an immediate follow-up. Well, Novagen have been true to their word and MERCENARY-THE 2ND CITY has arrived. It takes the form of a data-set and can only be played by the owners of the original MERCENARY package.

You must first boot the main program as normal and then load THE 2ND CITY in much the same way as you would a 'Saved Game'. You will gather from this that THE 2ND CITY is useless on it's own and something to watch, the disk and cassette versions are not compatible with one another. The first thing you will notice once loaded is that the planet has changed colour from green to red with a harsh crimson skyline to match. At first it's fairly difficult to find anything else different about this game as everything jogs along in exactly the same way as it did in MERCENARY I - same locations, same airstrip, same job offer, same buildings, same ship, same elevator, same hangar, same briefing-room, same message from the Palyars - and then, at long last, things start to get interesting! Pretty soon you will discover that the underground complex is not the same underground complex of old. This one's full of new and exciting surprises and is a whole lot tougher than it's counterpart in MERCENARY I. I'd like to be able to elaborate on that but I keep colliding with a mysterious alien which sends me spinning, as if through a timewarp, out into space and back to the start of the game again, minus a ship! Yes, something tells me that escape from THE 2ND CITY won't be quite so easy as escape from Targ (who says escape from Targ was easy? Hands up all those who managed it without sending for the Help Sheet??).


MERCENARY addicts will love this one, but it's more or less an extension of the original and not a new game in itself. Those expecting something completely different could be disappointed.