Smash Hits 5

Reviewed by Jim Short


Issue 24

Nov/Dec 86

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English Software 

48K Disk(2) 14.95 48K 

Cassette(2) 9.95 

1/2 Players
1/2 Joysticks

No new ideas from English Software this time. Instead we have another in a long line of compilations, entitled SMASH HITS 5, which is a logical progression from their previous four. This one comprises CHOP SUEY, ELEKTRAGLIDE, MEDIATOR and QUASIMODO and the review sample came as a two disk set with the same planned for the cassette format.


CHOP SUEY is English Software's popular karate game and has been on sale for many months, being the first game of this type readily available for the Atari. English Software obviously regard it in the same high esteem as Jet Boot Jack as it also figured in their HITS 4 compilation. An excellent game which was reviewed extensively in issue 19.

Next up is ELEKTRAGLIDE, the futuristic race game featuring stunning 3-D graphics. You either love or loathe this one depending on how difficult you find it. I happen to think it's totally unplayable but I have it on good authority that there are many gamesters out there who consider it a pushover - the type of people who can score 15 billion at arcade Sinistar, blindfolded and with both hands tied behind their backs! These same people even write to let me know what an idiot I am for not being able to play the LAST V8! (see review in issue 22).


MEDIATOR is an arcade/adventure game with ever-changing scenarios. It starts off like one of those boring Mars lander type games, but stick with it and it gets better and better as you progress through the different screens with lots of intriguing puzzles to solve along the way. One of English Software's better efforts.


QUASIMODO is a strange offering as 'it's not one of E.S.C.'s own games and came to us originally from Synapse Software via US Gold. Despite the obvious implications of the title it is not a variation of arcade Hunchback. The initial stages are very reminiscent of ThornEmi's 'Orc Attack' as Quasi hurls rocks from the top of the cathedral walls in a effort to knock down the pursuing guards. After that it develops into a fairly routine ropes & ladders game where you must try to recover three stolen jewels which are scattered around the belfry somewhere. I managed to recover two of them but those pesky 'bats in the belfry' prevented me from recovering the third. No doubt somebody will write in to let me know they completed the whole thing in five minutes flat!!

So there you have it. Another excellent compilation and, as ever, superb value for money especially if you don't already have any of these four games in your collection.