Domain Of The Undead

Reviewed by Jim Short


Issue 27

May/Jun 87

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Red Rat

9.95 disk

7.95 cassette

1 player

1 joystick





Spectres and Ghouls and things which go bump in the night .... well, mostly skeletons really. Red Rat have delved into the mystical world of the Evil Dead to bring us this new one.

Your primary aim is to collect something called the 'Master Key', though exactly why it doesn't say. Being a brave sort of chap (or ever-so-slightly insane) you decide to go for a midnight stroll through the graveyard. Oh yes, and there's a full moon of course!

Skeletons rise up, literally, from their graves and attack you on all sides. And the vampire bat perched on top of that tombstone isn't there for decoration either. Get within striking range and it
swoops down on you like an airborne Count Dracula. A clove of garlic would come in really handy here!

You can ward off the evil forces with your Anti-Spectre Bolt (gun, in other words) but, like all fully paid-up members of the Walking Dead, they refuse to lie down and attack you with renewed vigour. Traps spring up all over the place hoping to catch you unawares, and Red Rat promise Lightning, Devils Tridents, Gargoyles and various other Winged Creatures in the later stages but I've never survived long enough to encounter them. I'm not sure I want to either!

All this Hammer-style drama sets the game up as a scene from 'Zombie Flesheaters' or similar, but it's basically a left to right, blast everything in sight, scrolling job. Not a bad little game by any means - the musical effects are excellent. However, with Firebird and Mastertronic producing top quality software at bargain prices, full price software has to be special to justify the extra cash. I somehow feel DOMAIN OF THE UNDEAD would have been better suited to the budget end of the market.