Ants In Your Pants

by Allan Knopp


Issue 27

May/Jun 87

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Can you stop the ants invading Benny's bermudas?

Benny is being attacked by a horde of marauding ants intent on invading his Bermuda shorts! His only defence is to stamp on them, but he is fighting a losing battle. It is only a matter of time before he is overcome by sheer weight of numbers and suffers the ultimate indignity. How long can he hold out?

Ants In Your Pants makes use of page flipping for the movement of Benny's legs. His legs are controlled with a joystick and there are seven different leg positions, each position stored on a different screen. The movement is achieved by displaying screens according to the position of the joystick. If you read my article on page flipping in Page 6 issue 25 you should be able to follow the program, the initialization is very similar to 'Bouncing Bert'.

Player missile graphics are used for the ants because they are independent of page flipping. The screen colours for sky, grass and the flashing title line are implemented using a display list interrupt created with DLI Maker, which was published in Analog No.38.

If you have trouble typing in the control characters in lines 840 to 850 then listing 2 will create them for you. Be sure to save the program before you run it because it will delete itself from memory, just leaving the required lines. After running you should be left with just lines 840, 845 and 850. LIST those lines to cassette or disk then ENTER them into the main program. I have included a checksum which should catch any errors in the DATA statements.

AtariLister - requires Java