Issue 28

Jul/Aug 87

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So what is the 'major event' that I left you pondering last issue? Well, from the next issue, we hit the big time with full newsstand distribution throughout the UK and, eventually overseas. The summer will be spent frantically preparing for this launch and praying that it all works out! We have signed an agreement with the largest independent newsstand distributor and now all we need to do is make everyone, public and newsagents alike, aware that we exist. One of the problems is that PAGE 6 does not mean anything to those who don't know (there are going to be some sorely disappointed first time buyers who expect two sets of boobs!) so we have extra work in educating Atari owners who have not come across us before. If we were called Atari World, or something similar, it would be easier but we are not and, nearly five years on, we are not changing names now! If you fancy helping out, there is something you can do. Just get all your non-subscribing friends to walk into their local W.H.Smith and ask them if they are going to be stocking PAGE 6 from September. Tell them it is distributed by Seymour and maybe we will sell more than a few of our first 'newstand' issue.

If you are worried that PAGE 6 might deteriorate into another run of the mill magazine full of 'read it on the train and throw it away' articles, don't. We will introduce a few more 'casual' features but intend to continue with the long reviews, long listings, utilities and more serious articles which we believe dedicated Atari users want. If we fail to attract the casual user, so be it. At least they, and you, will continue to have the choice. One thing we must do is plan ahead more, hence the 'Wanted' ads elsewhere. Hopefully we will hear from you if you have anything to contribute. Don't be shy!

Finally, don't run away with the idea that big time distribution means that we will be sitting back in luxury for the rest of our lives! It doesn't quite work like that, believe me! In fact, if we don't get it right, the reverse is more likely to happen, and if we can't get the shops aware of the magazine, within a limited promotional budget, you might well be the lucky owners of the last few PAGE 6's! So, stroll into your newsagent and do your bit and PAGE 6 will be around as long as Atari!


We have recently reached an agreement with the American magazine ANTIC whereby we can re-print programs and articles from their previous issues and likewise they can re-print from PAGE 6. This, I believe, will be of benefit in many ways. Firstly, it will enable you to see some of the best programs and articles from the United States which you might otherwise never see and, secondly, it will give PAGE 6 greater exposure and credibility in the world at large. Additionally it will enable contributors to gain the pleasure of seeing their work published in one of the most respected Atari magazines in the world. What an ego trip!

Readers who already get ANTIC might not be so thrilled with this news, but let me assure you that PAGE 6 will not become a 'reprint service' for ANTIC nor, I am sure, will ANTIC copy PAGE 6 wholesale. We each will retain our individual style and PAGE 6 will be only reprint items which we feel will be of wide interest to our readers. The fact is that the majority of our readers do not read ANTIC and therefore will now have access to even more Atari material. The aim of PAGE 6 has always been to 'explore ATARI computing through the exchange of information and knowledge' and now readers will have access to a little more.


Several Readers seem to have lost money in recent months with Computer Support. So have we. The last time I spoke to John Lawson of Computer Support he spun me a yarn about not being able to keep up with orders, moving to new and better premises and getting the bank to help with expansion. Load of bull, it seems, as he happily carried on cashing people's cheques and not sending the goods. What's more he didn't pay for the ads in PAGE 6 with which he got that money. So what can you do, if you sent Computer Support money and did not get anything in return? Very little, it seems. The classic remedy is to take action through the Small Claims Court, but if you do not succeed you merely loose a little more. Rather than tell readers to take this action without knowing whether it would be successful, we have tried ourselves. We failed. We have tried to trace Mr. Lawson at three different addresses without success. We have even had someone go down to the latest address in Gravesend only to find empty offices and be told by the people downstairs that they had never heard of Computer Support. Unfortunately, if you can't trace the company, there is no point in taking action in the Small Claims Court, the fee is non-recoverable.

What you could do if you have lost money through Computer Support is write to me with full details. I can't promise that anything can be done but it may prove useful to know the full extent of readers' losses in case we can take any further action. In the meantime, if Mr Lawson is reading this, he might like to do the decent thing and refund people's money?

Someone else to watch out for is N.J. Gregory who advertised The Slave some issues ago. We did not lose out but have had several letters from readers who sent money off and have received nothing in return.

Why do these people have to let everybody down?