Issue 28

Jul/Aug 87

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How can you tell that there are a lot of ex-Commodore people working for Atari? Easy, you just look at the new promotional literature for the 130XE. Commodore have been saying that about Atari for years. Makes you feel kind of weird doesn't it, holding in your hand a magazine that was entirely keyed in on a games machine? Maybe one day we'll have our own photo-setter but we'll have to wait until Atari buys out Linotron or Monotype. After all, what's the point in paying 20,000 for a machine that can't play Pacman?







One of the few companies still doing the PR bit in grand style is Microprose who sent us a cracking press release folder to announce their joint venture in the UK with Origin Systems Inc. The press pack is full of superb posters, flyers, manuals, company info etc. all done in grand style to ensure that they get a good write up! I wish you could see it all!

Regular readers of PAGE 6 will know all about the quality of Origin products from the recent review of Ultima IV and this is one of several packages to be launched in the UK from July onwards. Others include AutoDuel, a futuristic car combat adventure based on the award winning Car Wars board game, and Ogre set on the battlegrounds of the 21st century with armoured footsoldiers fighting it out with tactical nuclear weapons! Not an arcade game this, but a one or two player game of strategy, again based on a successful board game. Another title planned by Origin for the Atari is Moebius, an original fantasy role playing game with martial arts, sword fighting and magic set in a fantasy island kingdom.

Origin products will be released on disk only at 19.95 for the 8 bit Atari and 24.95 for the ST. Most of the titles previously available for the Atari 8 bit will be made available on the ST.




Mirrorsoft's recent deal with American company Mindscape (see ST News) is not limited just to the ST. 8 bit versions of Mindscape titles, where available, will now be distributed by Mirrorsoft and they are to undertake a certain amount of conversion work themselves to bring other titles to the 8 bit market.




It's pleasing to see another company supporting the Atari 8 bit market especially when they say 'there has been a great demand from retailers for ATARI software'!

ATLANTIS software recently released two budget titles for the Atari, each at 2.99. PANIK is 'an arcade classic' first released on the Commodore and DEATH RACE features day and night driving, speeds of up to 300 mph and 'great graphics'! ATLANTIS are entering a difficult market where criticism is often levelled at conversions from other machines, so they are anxious to support Atari with original titles. The wider the base of software producers for the Atari in the UK, the better so if you have any original games to offer, why not give Carole Jones of ATLANTIS a ring? You can get her on 01 771 8642.




Frontier Software of Harrogate who distribute the Supra Hard Disk Drives in the UK have also made available, perhaps the first really affordable printer buffer that will work with any computer already attached to a Centronics printer.

The MicroStuffer printer buffer retails at just 49.95 and has a full 64k of RAM to buffer any data sent to your printer thus freeing the computer for other work. Included is a self test and a rather unique 'Repeat' feature that allows the contents of the buffer to be reprinted as many times as required. Ideal for producing several copies of a document when you want to use the computer for something else.

The Micro Stuffer will work on all Atari models and is available from your local dealer or direct from Frontier Software, P.O. Box 113, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, HG2 OBE.




Recently released by Firebird on their Silver 1.99 range is Chimera, widely respected on most other micros, a sort of arcade space adventure in which you need to destroy the space ship Chimera before it destroys the Earth. Also at 1.99 is Microrhythm, a digitised drum kit which bears remarkable similarities to DigiDrum from 2 Bit Systems which is not surprising since it says on the label copyright 1987 2 Bit Systems!

Prism Leisure Corporation have acquired Addictive Games from Kevin Toms and their Football Manager is now available on the Atari for just 2.99. An ST version is promised later with enhanced graphics and gameplay for 14.95.

Announced by US Gold from SSI are the strategy games Colonial Conquest at 24.99 and Wargame Construction Set at 19.99. Both are on disk only. The former is a game of world domination for up to 6 players each controlling one of 6 countries whilst the Wargame Construction Set is just that, make up your own games and show how it should be done!

Also from US Gold are Broderbund's 'Electronic Novels' Mindwheel, Essex and Brimstone. Each title comes with its own hard bound novel which is essential reading to be able to complete the game. Mindwheel allows you to time travel into the minds of four deceased geniuses in a quest to retrieve the wheel of wisdom, whilst Essex takes place aboard the colossal starship Essex and is an adventure of intergalactic search and rescue in a bid to save the Universe. Brimstone is more fantasy where you relive the ancient adventures of the Albion Manuscripts in the underworld realm of Ulro. All on disk at 24.99 each.

Billed as the first Atari 3D chess game, Colossus 4 Chess was recently released by CDS Software and includes back-track facilities, a problem solving mode and handicapping amongst other features. Colossus 4 is a powerful program that, early in its career, beat 24 other programs in a series of 16 game matches. Can it beat you? 9.95 for a cassette version or 14.95 for disk will let you find out.