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Sep/Oct 87

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Here are two guys who are really miffed that Timothy Dalton got the part of James Bond! Still they have got the consolation of having a nice computer game called The Living Daylights and, besides, who wants to have their Aston Martin clamped in the car park of Pinewood Studios!

The two guys in question are Dominic Wheatley and Mark Strachan of Domark who, after the incredible coup of getting Trivial Pursuit to the Atari and other computers have now tied up the rights to the latest Bond movie. The game is already out on the Atari and could already be topping the charts.

An XLENT Anniversary

Software company XLENT Software (UK) Ltd. shortly celebrates it first birthday having been conceived at the Personal Computer World Show in 1986 and incorporated in October of that year. XLENT, as an American company, had become well known to Atari users for many years of producing utility software that combines the graphic power of the Atari machines with the printed page and although their products had been available previously in the UK they wanted a more permanent representation here to enable Atari users to benefit from 'home produced' software.

Two American directors of the company, Linda Kubota-Barnes and Barbara Cauldron (who says there are no women interested in computing!) had discussions with Mike Reynolds-Jones and Peter Fellows of Software Express and the XLENT UK company was born. So far six products have been launched in the UK, four –Typesetter Elite, Megafont ST, Write 90 and The 1st XLENT Word Processor – are original American products but two are newly written programs from this country. ST owners can now obtain the inexpensive and simple to use Label Maker to take the drudgery out of producing any type of label on their printers and 1029 printer owners at last have something exciting in Ten Print, a utility for printing documents in a choice of several different fonts on their machine.

Mike Reynolds-Jones says that the company are actively looking for more applications written in the UK, for marketing both here and in the States, provided that they are in the graphics/print related software line with which the company have established an excellent reputation. Future releases planned include the PM Interface which will allow Print Master files to be combined with Typesetter Elite and also a ClipArt disk for Typesetter Elite. There will also be a related Utilities disk and Typesetter Page Design plus Megafont II for the 8-bit machines. There could of course also be some exciting print related software from the UK. Mike Reynolds-Jones is certain that Atari owners in this country have the ability to write top class programs.

A year passes quite quickly in the computer field. Many don't survive that long but XLENT are still going strong and intend to get even stronger in the coming year.

XLENT SOFTWARE (UK) Ltd. can be found at 516, Alum Rock Road, Alum Rock, Birmingham, B8 3HX


Another established software house is waiting to turn its attention to the Atari. Already established on other machines with smash hits such as Uridium and Firelord, Hewson is now looking for programmers on both the ST and Atari 8-bit.

Games designers and writers are invited to get in touch with Mark Whiffen at Hewson with their work. What are they looking for? Games! Simple games, sophisticated games, long games, short games, quick games and quirky games! They don't mind what. Shoot 'em ups, arcade adventures, sports games and combat games will all be considered so if you have one up your sleeve why not get in touch. Maybe another British software company will then start supporting the Atari.

You can contact Mark Whiffen at Hewson Consultants Ltd., 56B Milton Trading Estate, Milton, Abingdon, Oxon.


That Mike Reynolds-Jones is a busy man! Software Express, already established as the premier Atari dealer in the Midlands, recently took over the Computer World shop in Broad Street, Birmingham. Now Atari owners visiting Birmingham for only a short time have the chance to visit a branch of Software Express just a short distance from the city centre. The full range of Atari products and software –and even the VCS – is on sale at Broad Street but the company will also be continuing full support of the Atari at their existing premises in Alum Rock Road.

Taking over Broad Street is something of a home-coming for Mike as that is where he first joined the ranks of Atari retailers after first buying one of those old 400's and, like many of us, getting hooked!


That's not our headline, it's what Infocom say about their latest release for the Atari XL/XE!

After writing Leather Godesses of Phobos, Steve Meretsky has got back together with Floyd, the robot from Planetfall in Infocom's latest called Stationfall. The game follows on nicely from Planetfall and you have been promoted from Ensign Seventh Class to Lieutenant First Class (didn't you do well!) .. on the paperwork task force!

Another boring day sees you travelling to a nearby space station to pick up a supply of trivia forms when you find out that your companion on the journey is the mischievous, playful, Floyd! When you arrive at the space station, however, all is not routine. The place is deserted apart from a few weirdos and then even Floyd starts behaving strangely ...

Another Infocom, with all the usual bits in the box, which will set you back £24.99 for your XL or XE.


I want one! I have got an Atari Olympics badge but I really do want David Brodie's BBW works Starion Turbo which Atari sponsored in this year's British Saloon Car Championship Grand Prix at Silverstone in July. The sponsorship formed part of wider celebrations at Silverstone where Atari entertained many of the leading personalities in the computer retailing industry (but not the Editor of PAGE 6!) in a presentation of its advertising and promotional plans for 1987.

It is good to see Atari once more grabbing the headlines in promoting the company, let's hope there is more to come. How about some help in souping up my Mitsubishi Sigma Estate? I don't mind having Atari painted all over the front! No? Okay, I'll settle for a ride round Silverstone with David Brodie in his next practice!


U.S. Gold have now released the renowned Print Shop and associated utilities from Broderbund in its original Atari 8-bit form. Print Shop and The Print Shop Companion have already been reviewed in PAGE 6 and the message is, if you have a printer, get it! The programs work on most printers but not the 1029 so be careful!

From S.S.I. via U.S. Gold comes the sequel to the acclaimed civil war simulation Gettysburg, Rebel Charge at Chickamauga whilst promised later in the year is War in the South Pacific which simulates three historic battles from World War II.

Digital Integration are shortly releasing a new combat simulator for the Atari 8-bit and ST. F-16 COMBAT PILOT is, they claim, the most advanced and authentic simulation of General Dynamics F-16. If it really is that good it will be well worth a look from the many Atari flight fanatics. Digital Integration are serious about this flight simulation stuff for they sent a complete specification of the F-16 issued by the U.S. Air Force along with the press release!

From Infocom comes The Lurking Horror where you explore a world that rivals your most hideous visions. Foolish enough to descend into the basement of the George Underwood – Edwards Institute you discover something really horrible. And I can tell you there is something pretty horrible inside the box of this one! On the XL/XE at £24.99 and on the ST for £29.99

Not software as such, but an essential aid, is the range of Suncom joysticks now being marketed in the U.K. by Microprose Software. Suncom have a large range of controllers, only a few of which have previously been available in the U.K. Now you will be able to chose from them all with the first showing of the entire range at the coming PCW Show.