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Issue 29

Sep/Oct 87

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Dear Page 6,

I am writing for your help to ask whether you could tell me if there is an Atari User Group in the Stoke-on-Trent area? I have been so disappointed with the support for my 800 but when, by accident, coming across Telford Atari User Group holding a display in Telford centre I was amazed at the demos and also the commercial software that they had on show. If there is no group in the Stoke area how about local users getting in touch to see if we can organise our own club? Also would any other User Groups give us some advice on starting our own club?

I can't put into words my thanks to the Telford User Group for giving me a new appetite for my Atari and especially Jason Lunt of Brookside, Telford. If anyone is in the Telford area, I am sure they will find a warm welcome from the Telford User Group. They meet at The Madeley Community Centre, Telford every Saturday at 7 p.m.

Kevin Sherwin, 1, Beechmont Grove, Birches Head,

Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs

If you live in Stoke get in touch with Kevin. The User Group scene in this country is nowhere near as strong as in the States where they hold regular 'Atari Fairs' all over the country for the local community often with thousands of Atari owners attending. This doesn't happen here although there is no reason why it shouldn't given the enthusiasm and organisation.

The Telford group is the first that I know of to organise a public display of Atari products and software seen by tens ( hundreds?) of thousands of people and wholehearted congratulations must go to them for the effort ( even though they didn't remind me to send our leaflets to them!). It can be done but it needs a lot of effort and dedication. Let's hope that we see more in different parts of the country. I am sure Atari would be interested if approached with sensible propositions.



Dear Page 6,

Could you please let me have some information about how to transfer data files and screen files between the XE
and ST?

M.J. Horwell, Cornwall

It is quite possible to link up the 8-bit Atari computers to the ST via a null modem cable. One problem though is that you need an RS232 interface for your 8-bit and if you haven't got one it might be expensive! I regularly and successfully transfer text files back and forth between the 130XE and an ST using an 850 interface and a null modem cable. Some form of comms software is needed on each machine ( I use Kermit) but STWRITER has a built in facility to receive files from Atariwriter. It works quite well provided you have an 850 interface and remember to boot up the RS232 handler first. With comms software and an 850 you can transfer data to the ST at 9600 baud but if you want to send it the other way you seem to be limited to 2400 baud as the 130XE can't keep up.

We have a contribution that we hope to publish when a couple of problems are sorted out. It comprises of a couple of short programs for each machine and a simple cable which you can build for a few pounds. As it uses the joystick ports of the 8-bit machines and the Midi socket on the ST no expensive interface is required. Look out for it.



Dear Page 6,

I read with interest your reply to N.J Leonard on the subject of Atari dealers. In November last year, with only 6 days of its guarantee remaining, my Atari monochrome monitor passed away. Although I had no record of the sale, my local Atari dealer, York Computer Centre, replaced the monitor on the spot. I can only confirm your remarks, that a few extra pounds spent with your local Atari dealer are worth every penny.

Your readers may be interested to note that I have had problems in buying a Sony monitor at 'discount' prices. To cut a long story short I purchased a Sony KX-14CP1 monitor from a discount dealer at the PCW Show and after three days it refused to work. The company I bought it from offered to repair it only if I paid the carriage. I refused to pay and they refused to repair it. I took it to my local Sony Service Centre to be repaired under guarantee only to be told that the guarantee was not valid as it had been imported from an overseas dealer!

I can only re-iterate your comments. Wherever possible it always pays to buy through a reputable dealer and remember that by supporting your local dealer you are supporting your Atari neighbourhood.

N. Crozier, Malton, N. Yorks



Here's a selection of questions from recent letters.

How do you get past the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Troll in HitchHiker's Guide To The Galaxy?

Easy! You read Garry Francis's column in issue 21!

Could you tell me if there is a BBC emulator for the ST as I heard about one a long time ago?

There was a BBC emulator at the Personal Computer World show in 1985 but it seems to have disappeared without trace. Anyone know what happened? Could it have been a problem with Acorn not liking the idea?



Dear Page 6,

Congratulations on Issue 27's GAMMON program, it really is very good but have you listened to the 'waiting' sonics before your first move? New Age music if ever I heard any!

Please congratulate Dave Hitchens for me and ask him to write more of this hypnotic stuff. He should try listening to something like 'No Pussyfooting' by Robert Fripp and Brian Eno to see what I mean! Om .....

'JD' Collins, London

There is no end to what you can find in PAGE 6!