DS#21 - Daisy Dot 2



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A new and enhanced version of Daisy Dot that has facilities to print out Micropainter graphics, a new Font Editor to allow you to create any new font and a Font Converter which will convert any standard Atari font to Daisy Dot or will italicise any existing Daisy Dot font There is an very extensive manual on the disk to print out, which Is Itself in Daisy Dot format to give you an example of how to create your documents. Daisy Dot 2 can mix dozens of fonts, even on one line and enhance your documents beyond the normal capabilities of your printer. If you have a Epson compatible printer you really should have Daisy Dot 2 which is similar to the original but vastly improved. There are 15 new fonts already supplied but the Font Editor will enable you to expand the features even further. Don't be without this if you want to add sparkle to your printed output.

Boot Side A with BASIC - print READ.ME file with DOS

Flip disk for BILLBOARD and docs, also FONTEDIT and Utilities etc. Read all DOC files. NO DOS ON SIDE B!