DS#52 - Goldhunt



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Great role playing action in your choice of dungeons. You have to find a bag of gold within each room whilst avoiding traps and other hazards and return to the exit where you may travel to other levels or simply return home. The screen is divided into two parts, the square window which shows your position and everything you can see from your location and the lower part which allows you to enter commands for each of your moves. There are items you can carry, including a scanner, a torch, a magicians wand and you will need them all. Within each dungeon there are statues, fountains, bridges, doors and tapestries all of which play a part in your quest - you must learn how to cope with each one. There are dozens of ready made dungeons plus an Editor which allows you to create your own. Goldhunt is an excellent program of commercial quality that is impossible to describe in detail in a short space. The disk contains a comprehensive explanation of the game. An excellent game, one of the best of its type in the public domain, and well recommended.

Boot Side A with Basic

Boot Side B for documentation