DS#53 - Infantry Squad



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Something quite unique for the public domain, a fully fledged wargame with all the features you would expect from a commercial program. In fact this was once a commercial program and is now released to the public domain. Infantry Squad is a one player game of tactical skill played on the squad level. You have an Infantry Squad made up of a Squad Leader, two Fire Teams and an Armoured Personnel carrier equipped with a machine gun. Your mission is to completely eliminate all enemy units from the battlefield while ensuring that your men survive. Your final score is based upon the amount of damage your men sustain. All of the usual features of wargames are included and you may also design your own battlefields with the built in Drawing package. Again this is a complex program that cannot be explained in a few words but it comes with full instructions on the disk. Essential for dedicated wargamers and a great, low cost, introduction for those who have not sampled strategy games. Infantry squad is a top class program, give it a try.

Boot Side A with Basic

Boot Side B for documentation