DS#54 - The 8-Bit Reference Guide



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With many of the best reference books now out of print, this disk based reference guide is more than welcome. A superb tutorial that may be printed out with a word processor or read direct from the disk with the viewer program supplied. The guide covers the whole spectrum of Atari programming including The Central Input/Output Utility, The Disk Operating System, Using DOS 2, The Cassette Handler, The Keyboard Handler, Printer Handler, Screen Editor, The Display Handler, The Resident Disk Handler, System Interrupts, The Floating Point Arithmetic Package, Boot Software Formats, The Serial Input/Output Interface, The Hardware Chips, Display Lists, Player Missile graphics, Sound, The Joystick Ports and more. As you will see from the subject matter the guide is aimed at the more advanced user but it contains material that will be useful to anyone who wants to program the Atari effectively. A very comprehensive coverage of the machine with much information that is now difficult to obtain elsewhere.

THREE DISK SET - price 5.50

In AtariWriter format - use AtariWriter or other word processor to print out or boot Disk 1 for screen viewer