DS#55 - Hardware Upgrades



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A set of files taken from various User Group newsletters and Bulletin Boards explaining how to upgrade your machine to 256k or more. There are instruction files, documentation, source code for assembler, ramdisk drivers, driver creators, demos and just about everything else you need to upgrade your machine and use that upgraded memory. Some of the programs will also allow you to access the extra memory on a standard 130XE. The packed disk includes full instructions to upgrade to 256k, source code for a double density ramdisk or two separate ramdisks, source code for a single density ramdisk for the 130XE, ready assembled .OBJ files for a double density ramdisk, two ramdisks and two different types of 130XE ramdisk. There is also a program that gives you a 503 sector ramdisk that works with DOS XL and BASIC XE plus one for SpartaDos that can give up to 1530 sectors. Basic programs include a ramdisk driver, a routine to check out your memory upgrade and a program to load ramdisks automatically. That's not all! There is also information on setting up DOS 2.5 for ramdisk use, upgrading the XE to 320k or 512k and even an ST upgrade. All of the files on Side A are for the XL or XE whilst Side B has similar instructions for the old 800.

Use word processor or DOS Copy option to read files. Check README files first. Double sided - no DOS