DS#64 - Dot Magic



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First you had Daisy Dot. Then you had Daisy Dot 2. Now you have Dot Magic, the third and most interesting upgrade of the program that will print out your text files in any font you choose on Epson compatible or NEC printers. There are many new features, including the import of Micropainter format pictures such as screen dumps at any point in your text, custom address labels with up to 99 copies at a go and much more. You can use any Daisy Dot font, print it out underlined, double width, proportionally centred, change spacing and change the density, all with a few simple commands in your text. There are excellent Instructions on how to save your text with the most popular word processors, such as Atariwriter Plus and Paperclip. Another useful feature is Typewriter mode which lets you use your Atari as a simple typewriter, using any font you wish. Dot Magic is a major enhancement of the Daisy Dot invention and is a must for anyone who owns, and wants to get the best from, a printer. Fully documented and highly recommended.

Boot Side A WITHOUT Basic.

DOCS on side A - use DOS or a word processor to print or read.

Side B contains fonts and pics