DS#65 - DeTerm



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A new comms program that looks to be one of the easiest ever to use. DeTerm follows the ST idea of having drop down menus from which you can select any of the available features. This itself makes the program easier to use, but what is even more helpful is that you can select a help function for each item on the menu and full instructions for use will be read in from the disk. There is no need for separate documentation, everything you need to know is available from within the program. Now, a comms programs is a comms program isn't it? Well this one has a unique added extra, a Breakout game that you can play while you are downloading! Next time you download or upload something there is no need to sit watching a blank screen, just flip over to the game, play a few rounds, flip back and see how the download is going! There are set-up instructions included on the disk.

Boot Side A WITHOUT Basic

Docs on Side A - use DOS or a word processor to print or read

Side B contains HELP files used within the program