DS#68 - Daisy Dot Font Collection



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Requires 1050 or XF551 drive. An amazing collection of fonts that can be used with Daisy Dot Il or Dot Magic on a double sided disk. There are no less than 75 different fonts on this disk and each side of the disk has a file which can be printed out with Daisy Dot to give you a printed record of each of the fonts available. Also on this disk is a macro for TextPro which allows you to use the backslash key and thus use TextPro to produce Daisy Dot formatted files. Note that the disk contains some of the fonts found on the Daisy Dot Accessory Disk but we have left this as a full collection in view of the 'font demonstration' files on the disk which would have to be rewritten in the event of the fonts being changed.

Enhanced density - both sides

Requires Daisy Dot II or Dot Magic

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