DS#69 - The New Digital Editor



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Requires 1050 or XF551 drive. A virtual rewrite of the Digital Editor (DS #59) with most of the bugs removed and made a great deal more user-friendly. The New Digital Editor brings desktop publishing to the 8-bit system on an easier to use basis than ever before. The original program was written in Germany but this new version has been created in the USA making it easy to understand. The author has added several other programs to the disk including a modified version of BILLBOARD, an Epson compatible screen dump, and MAGMAKER to allow you to create your own disk based magazines. For the Digital Editor itself, the author has written an extensive tutorial which is on the disk and has added the ability to import text from a word processor making magazine page type creation much more feasible. The disk is packed with fonts and pictures and samples to help you and the tutorial extends to 214 sectors. The New Digital Editor will enable you to use your Atari in ways that you never thought were possible. Be creative!

Enhanced density - both sides. Boot Side A with Basic. Read docs on Side B with word processor or DOS