DS#73 - Futura 2



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The next issue of this excellent newsletter disk with more to read and a really excellent horse racing program called TRIPLE CROWN which allows up to eight players to take part selecting form, placing bets and watching the races. Full graphics for the racing and several good support screens make this one a must. On the B side is a set of machine code games and demos from the Continent. THINK & WORK is one of the well known 'push around the blocks to escape' programs that will really have you thinking. An editor allows you to create your own screens. The ATARI DRUM MACHINE is an amazing piece of software from Poland which allows you to create complex drum patterns using bass drums, snare, claps etc. in two voices. Whole songs can be saved to disk. Another one from Poland is THE LASER DEMO which has four excellent pieces of music with accompanying graphics. QUADROMANIA XL is an addictive puzzle game in which you must change all the tiles to one colour. SOUND MONITOR PROFESSIONAL is a top quality German program that allows you to create songs of the like you may have never heard before. Try some of the songs included to see just what can be achieved. Finally another game called JUMP which is similar to LETS HOP on Futura 1.

Double sided - boot side A with Basic

Boot Side B WITHOUT Basic