DS#74 - The Complete DOS XE Manual



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If you use DOS XE, or have a copy but are not sure how to use it fully, then this two disk set will open up a whole new world. Here you have the complete text of the elusive DOS XE manual that was issued by Atari and then promptly disappeared in typical Atari fashion. The disks are set up in such a way that you can print out your own manual with the minimum of fuss. You will of course need a printer and a plentiful supply of paper because the printed manual was a book half an inch thick! Also included are a number of Basic programs that were in the original manual. Now, at last, you can unleash the full power of the latest Atari DOS designed to get the very best from the XE and enhanced or double density drives.

Two disk set - price 3.50

Double sided - boot Disk 1, Side A WITHOUT Basic for instructions