DS#75 - Hobbytronic Demo 1991



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Requires 1050 or XF551 - XL only? If you have seen our earlier Hobbytronic Demo then you will know what to expect - high quality graphics and sound demos on a par with those available on the ST. Each time you see one of these you wonder at how the folks in Europe manage to squeeze so much from the machine. On the first side there is Mega Balls with good music and flowing and bouncing balls, Equalizer with some great music and flashing bars and other objects pounding along in time with the beat and The Vector Screen, with very nice 3-D wire frame objects on a scrolling starfield. Flip the disk and you have three more demos from POKEY in Holland. ABBUC in Poland and one other. The first is an excellent percussive soundtrack of the very best quality, the next is a combination demo with much going on including bars, floating symbols, starfields, a scroller and some good music. Finally The Vector Demo uses a Graphics 7 wireframe against a starfield with accompanying music. Not as strong as the others but you would still have liked to have written it! Note that this disk did not run on our 130XE, only on the 800XL, so it may only run on 64k machines.

Double sided - boot WITHOUT Basic

Try START, SELECT, OPTION and other keys while running