DS#76 - Megablast 1



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Requires 1050 orXF551 drive. A fabulous looking one or two player game that uses the full facilities of the XL or XE machines. The top class soundtrack runs on all machines but on a 130XE the extended RAM is used to give a choice of soundtracks. The game is played either by two players or one against the computer and involves two craft at top and bottom of the screen who try to blast each other, and various bonus objects, through a series of deflector gates. First you must break through your own, and then your opponent's, barrier in order to score a hit, but careful planning is required as the deflectors could force your shot back into your area and you could end up blasting yourself! Graphics are good with neat split scrolling to advance levels and the soundtrack is awesome. 100% machine code from the Continent which will give you a challenging time whilst marvelling at the quality of the Freeware releases now becoming available on the Atari Classic. Also on this disk are a couple of bonuses in the form of The Small Demo with nice music and bouncing bars, and a multicolour sprites demo.


Boot Side A without Basic