DS#77 - The Unity Project



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Requires 1050 or XF551 drive. When several of the best hackers get together for a disk to mark an Atari Convention you can be sure that something special will be created and The Unity Project is just that. Based very much on the classic ST demos such as The Union Demo, this one combines a small arcade game with up to eight demo screens. Each demo is hidden behind a door and to open that door you must collect a key by jumping up onto various platforms and avoiding spikes which will kill you. Some are easy to get to whilst others will have you thinking. Luckily you have unlimited lives! Some of the doors have just details about the participating groups but others have full blown demos of the kind seen on our other demo disks. Some of the doors are difficult to get to so we haven't yet discovered what's behind them! See if you can work it out! Another top class demo by groups from Poland and Germany and well worth showing to your friends who don't have computers as powerful as the Atari Classic.


Boot Side A without Basic