DS#78 - Futura 3



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The third issue of Stuart Murray's excellent disk magazine which is reviewed in Issue 59 of New Atari User. The previous issues have proved to be very popular and we are pleased to be able to offer the latest issue. In this one there is much more in the way of articles on all aspects of the Atari world with a couple of original maths programs from a group member plus a fully functional calculator and a neat simulation called International Bridge Contractors. Over on the B side are the main programs which Include an excellent DOS file copier, a 3-D version of Tetris, the famous Jane's Program of bouncing blocks and a couple of good arcade games, one converted from Dandy Dungeons. Another program converts Multiboot, Rob C and other files to DOS format so that you can now get games off of multiboot disks. Finally Speed Start Initlaliser is one we use ourselves to create boot disks (without DOS) to run your favourite machine code or Basic programs from a menu. Another well put together disk mag from our Scottish friends who generously allow us to include this in our library for the benefit of all who subscribe.


Boot Side A with Basic

Boot Side B WITHOUT Basic