DS#79 - Futura 4



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Another Issue of this classy disk magazine that Stuart Murray has, once again, allowed us to include in the library. Side 1 of this issue contains mostly text files giving the latest news and opinion on the Atari 8-bit scene and shows just how dedicated Stuart is in seeking out every scrap of info available. You will also find a small graphics demo and a simulation called Shop Steward in which you control the union in a small factory. Over on the other side are some fine utilities and games for your enjoyment. Utilities include a Tape to Disk Copier (not tested by us) plus three excellent disk copiers including a single pass copier for the 130XE and a super fast copier for US Doubler fitted drives.

Among the top quality games, mostly in machine code, are Death Zone, a clone of the famous Encounter, itself based on Atari's Battlezone, Videostop, a simple yet addictive dice game in which you select matching pairs from continually spinning dice and My Jong a version of the famous Oriental game using numbers instead of symbols. Omidor is a variant on Qix in which you have pre-defined blocks which you have to fill by recolouring each perimeter whilst avoiding sparks around the edges. Nice and smooth action in this quality game. Cuttlemania is a two player game based on Connect 4 but played on a 3D grid whereby you have to beat your opponent into colouring four squares in a row to your colour. Round all this off with a couple of nice demos and an excellent print manager for the 1029 printer and you have another fine issue of one of the leading Atari disk magazines.


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