DS#80 - Hobbytronic Demo '92



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Requires 1050 or XF551 drive. From the clubs in Germany and elsewhere comes the latest demo for the XL/XE with all of the usual great graphics and music that were such a revelation just a short time ago. This one has seven demos in total with excellent music much of it based on OMD. Four demos on side one give you starfields, scrolls, bouncing bars, fades, floating symbols and a choice of music. One demo includes a good slide show with wipe facilities. Over on the flip side is more of the same - well not the same, as each of these demos has something new to offer. Demos are there just to enjoy and to wonder at and this one is no exception. Check out just what your Atari is capable of and wonder why such a great machine has received so little attention from the software publishers over the years.


Boot Side A and B WITHOUT Basic

Use spacebar and START to advance and SELECT within demos