DS#81 - Merchant Spaceman



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You awake on a strange spacecraft with not much going on to discover that you have the opportunity of taking part in a trading simulation based on commerce with planets in a far flung galaxy. You can trade in steel, copper, gold, neon, barium, quartz, fuel rods, titanium, DP40, mercury, lead and wheat and buy or sell these commodities in any corner of the galaxy eventually giving you enough wealth and power to be able to control whole planets. Although a straightforward trading simulation what sets this one apart is the atmosphere created by the descriptions of the places you visit. Call up the main computer and find out about you home planet: 'Drachon is your home planet. This is a prosperous place. The sky is always filled with craft of all shapes and sizes rushing about their business. Large spaceship yards circle the planet like a huge girdle of gleaming satellites. The bars never close and many a retired trader has settled here. The robo-docks load and unload their various containers of cargo 32 hours a day. This place is the home of the Traders Federation, a governing body with the powers of, literally, life and death.' There are a dozen other planets or regions to call up and visit and you explore a strange new world. Buying and selling the right commodities will enable you to build more ships and so control fleets of fighters, cargo transporters and Base ships which will, if you have the courage and tenacity, lead to control of planet after planet. Only the toughest will get this far but even if you fall by he wayside the new experiences gained will make you a wiser man. Alright it's only a simulation, but it's a good one!


Boot Side A with Basic