DS#82 - Shiny Bubbles/Video Blitz



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Requires 130XE. Way back when the ST was born a demo called Shiny Bubbles was created to show the world that only the ST could do such things with graphics, but of course that sparked off those who already had a great computer to do likewise. Others wrote similar demos to show just how powerful the 'old' Atari XE was and these two demos are the result. Shiny Bubbles features three bubbles bouncing around reflecting the grid pattern on the floor on which they bounce whilst Video Blitz has computer disks and 'wells' in a checkerboard pattern zooming diagonally across your screen at stunning speed. Both demos can be controlled by the console keys. That's it really, a couple of stunning demos to look at that show some powerful programming. A disk for those who are proud of their 130XE's, perhaps to show friends with other machines that they may not have made the best choice!


Boot Side A and B WITHOUT Basic

Use keys 1 - 9 and START and OPTION keys on demos