DS#83 - Dot Magic Utilities



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If you have Dot Magic or Daisy Dot II then you already know what stunning programs these are, or do you? This collection of utilities and enhanced documentation should show you how to get a lot more from your printer as well as provide you with a few more fonts. Boot up side one and print out, in Daisy Dot format, 16 pages of new documentation that will enable you to stretch Dot Magic beyond the limits you thought possible. Print out the hints file and find some useful tips on using Dot Magic with AtariWriter Plus, with the 130XE Ramdisk, with long files and more. There are hints on creating video cassette inlays, double sided documents and newsletters, all good stuff. On the flip side you will find a number of useful utilities including a code stripper for AtariWriter, a utility that will take any text file and print odd and even pages, a font sampler that enables you to build up a printed library of your fonts, a utility for padding proportional fonts to maintain spacing in tables etc. and, finally, a conversion utility on a 3D grid whereby you have to beat your opponent into colouring four squares in a row to you colour. Round all this off with a couple of nice demos and an excellent print manager for the 1029 printer and you have another fine issue of one of the leading Atari disk magazines.


Boot Sides A and B with Basic