DS#84 - Print Utilities



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A disk of utilities for printer owners, primarily for Epson compatibles but including utilities that will work on NEC and others. The main program Is a new 'device' to control your print output known as G:. With the G: device booted up your Epson or Star compatible printer will come alive by simply printing to G: rather than P. The new device will list exactly what you seen on screen in single or double width using whatever font is showing on screen at the time. It will also do screen dumps via XIO commands and can be used with your own Basic programs. There are a number of programs included to show what can be done. OMNIPRINT will dump Koala or Touch Tablet pictures, either compressed or otherwise with several options whilst GPLUS enables you to use those pictures to create your own greetings cards. Another picture dump that works with several printers is SIDEPRINT which dumps Micropainter, Koala, Fun With Art or Strip Poker pictures sideways on your printer giving much bigger printouts than usual. Other utilities include a program to print any text file in two columns for neat output, a disk envelope printer that prints a directory and a template that you can cut out and glue together for custom envelopes and two other directory printers for the Epson. Finally there is an Epson based 'typewriter' that will enable you to use your keyboard as a standard typewriter, printing line by line as you hit return.


Boot Side A with Basic