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Another commercial program to hit the shareware scene. This program was only available in the States and so may not be familiar but for those who like to use their Atari Classic seriously it is a real cracker. Screens is an excellent utility that could totally transform the look of your Atari. What is does, basically, is to install a handler that allows you to set up a number of screens, or windows, that can be used to hold graphics or text with mixed fonts. The basic, and boring, Graphics 0 screen is gone forever! Screens lets you choose any rectangular area of the screen for display and gives input and output from that area without affecting the remainder of the screen. The applications are restricted only by your imagination but there is an excellent demo on the disk to show you just what can be achieved. Screens itself is a handler which installs additional commands much in the same way as Turbo Basic, so you need to be familiar with programming techniques to use it but, once the commands are learned, the possibilities are enormous. A very extensive manual is supplied so that everything you need is here. If you have programming experience, and especially if you enjoy the extra power that programs like Turbo Basic give you, then you ought to give Screens a trial run. You could end up using it all the time.


Boot Side A with Basic

RUN "D:DEMO", Manual on disk