DS#92 - The Halle Project



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Requires enhanced density drive. This is the official continuation of the Hobbytronic demos comprising demos from groups all over Europe and presented on three disk sides! There are 5 demos each on sides 1 and 2 and 4 on side 3 ranging from the simple scrolling message to effects that you have never seen before on your Atari. It is not possible to detail every demo but if we could only select one it would be the Visdom demo on side 1. This has a large VISDOM logo at the top with a scrolling message at the bottom. The logo is large 'hollow' letters which are filled one by one with a rainbow scroll but what makes this quite stunning is that each rainbow scroll is different! This should not be possible! At the same time the centre of the screen is filled with blended colours in a sort of water reflection which scrolls up the screen. The total effect is amazing and nothing like it has ever been done on the Atari Classic before. This is just one of 14 demos to choose and many have a choice of music and other effects by pressing various keys (try everything). This disk set represents the very best programming to be found on the Atari as those extremely talented programmers from Europe squeeze every bit of power from the Classic. The ethos behind this demo is 'if we can dream it, we can do it' and boy, have they done it!


-> Two disk set - price 3.00


Boot Side A with Basic

Boot Side B with Basic