DS#93 - Draw7



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Requires 130XE and enhanced density drive. A unique graphics drawing program with a wide range of features all fully documented in the 20 page manual on the disk. One particularly interesting feature is a playback mode which allows you to save your commands as entered and drawn and then play this back as a sort of animated slideshow. Any number of playback sequences can be saved to disk and a sequence can call another giving you a highly flexible presentation tool. The features are far too extensive to detail fully but in addition to the standard drawing modes, the following should be mentioned. Screens are compatible with Micro Painter, Micro Illustrator etc.; text can be added in several styles; you own fonts can be loaded and used; moving of a zoom screen image into the main screen (like rubber stamping); use in Graphics modes 8, 9 10 and 11; overlay screens; and many more. The disk comes with a demonstration of the playback features which introduce you to the features. DRAW7 is particularly useful for designing backgrounds to games as well as straight graphics images. If you add the slide show capabilities of Playback mode you have one of the most flexible art packages available. DRAW7 fully utilises the extra RAM of the 130XE as well as the RAM that resides under the ROM operating system and Basic.


Boot Side A with Basic