DS#124 - Loaded Brain



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This double sided disk from Germany is basically the old game of Concentration with a difference, but what a difference! You will never have seen a game of concentration with such great graphics. The object is for the player, either against the computer or another player, to match objects hidden behind squares which are selected in pairs. Familiar so far, but where Loaded Brain comes into its own is the superb 3-D playfield and the objects themselves. The playing grid is set out on a receding 3-D plane making it much more difficult to remember squares and the objects behind each square are fully animated! Pick a couple of squares and boxes on either side of the screen show a fully animated object or action sequence. The effect is great and lifts an ordinary game into a whole new level. This is the sort of game worth seeing just to experience the quality of programming. Yet again programmers from Europe show just how great the Classic is.


Boot WITHOUT Basic - Double Sided

Press START on title screen - flip disk, press START again.