DS#125 - Lister Plus



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Use your printer to even greater effect with Lister Plus. This great program works with Epson and compatible printers and the NEC and will give you some classy printing of program listings, text files and one-off lines. There is a selection of 14 fonts to choose although you can probably add any standard nine-sector font. Characters can be printed in three widths and either centred, blocked left or blocked right. Files and disk files are straightforward although any formatting required will have to be done with a word processor and printed to disk first. One of the best features is Type-a-Line in which you can print a single line of text direct from the program in any font or width. The line can be saved if you wish. Ideal for letterheads or heading for projects. If you want something fancy you can try mirror imaging which looks especially good if an italic font is used and lines are printed immediately beneath each other. You also get a Graphics 8/7+ screen - dump for extra flexibility but it the simplicity of use and great results that make this program a winner. If you have a printer you are sure to find a use for Lister Plus.

Boot WITH Basic