DS#126 - TextPro Word Processor



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The upgrade to TextPro mentioned in Issue 76 of New Atari User with which you can follow the series on creating and using macros. There are some minor improvements to the program but the big difference between this and the earlier release is the extensive documentation that will explain everything you need to know about TextPro and tell you a lot that you did not realise was possible. The upgrade comes on two double sided disks and the documentation takes up three sides. It is formatted in TextPro format so can be loaded and printed out as a full manual. Make sure you have plenty of paper ready! There are also several macros on this disk which you can use or adapt for your own use. Macros will allow you to type envelopes, send standard letters or memos, quotations and much more. Once loaded a macro will type all the repetitive wording for you and prompt you to insert the text which differs with each document. This is a superb feature that does not apply on many of the top word processors on the ST or PC. TextPro is surely one of the best word processors around.

Two disk set.Boot WITH Basic