DS#127 - Atari User Utilities



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Double sided disk. This collection represents the best of the utilities published in the old Atari User magazine and is sure to contain at least one program you will find invaluable. Start off with BASIC RENUMBER which is a machine code routine that will renumber your programs at lightning speed, including GOSUBs and GOTOs. DATA EDITOR allows you to edit files or programs on disk, tape or in memory and re-save them. There is an 80 COLUMN DISPLAY routine that looks excellent on both a monitor and black and white TV. DISC EDITOR and DISC VIEWER are two programs that contain all you need to start messing about with your disks. Fix errors, change sectors, alter directories and more. DUMP 15 will dump 62 sector pictures on either a 1029 printer or Epson compatible while ARTSHOW lets you display your pictures-in a professional looking way with dissolves and other effects. If you have ever wanted to check what's on your disk without calling up DOS, DISC DIRECTORIES will do it for you. It is a . machine code routine that is installed at boot up and lets you check the directory from Basic. Lastly FULLPRINT gives you a full print out of all characters, including inverse and control characters on an Epson compatible printer. There have been other programs that do many of the things mentioned here but the good thing about this collection is that it is fully documented on the reverse of the disk so that there is no having to guess how to use a particular program.


Boot WITH Basic.

Check INFO on side B before using program