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XLMON is a machine code monitor from SunSoft Systems in Australia. The disk creates a boot disk which installs the Revision B Operating System in an XL/XE computer along with a 4K machine language monitor in the area of memory between $C000 and $CFFF which is not used by the Revision B OS. The monitor may be entered by a special key combination from almost any running program. Once control has been passed to the monitor you can Dump, Move, Disassemble or Verify memory, Read and Write disk sectors, Binary Load, Print and more. There are two different versions of the monitor so that you can choose the one which suits you best. XLMON requires the original Atari Translator disk to create its boot disks but we have included this on the reverse of the disk. Note that there are no instructions for use included with this disk so you will need some good experience in assembly language and will need to experiment with the combination of keys required and the correct syntax. An address is included for a shareware contribution that will get you full instructions but we do not know if this is still current.

Boot WITHOUT Basic - Double sided.

Translator on Side B